Board of Directors Minutes
Rotary Club of South Haven, Michigan
May 12, 2020

Today's board meeting was held, virtually, through the ZOOM meeting app. The meeting was called to order at 8:05 a.m. by President Mark Odland. ' 

Those in attendance included, Mark Odland, Deb Davidson, Dan Thompson, Bob Straits, Dene Hadden, Kaileigh Eddy, Steve Larsen, Paul Hix, Torn Renner, Rhonda Wendzel, Bill Roberts, Rosalie Plechaty, and Richard Swanson. 

Approval of Agenda A motion to approve the agenda, with the addition of "Educational Fundraiser" to be added to the President Elect Report section, was made by Bill Roberts, seconded by Torn Renner. Approved. 

Approval of Meeting Minutes A motion to approve the April 7, 2020 Board meeting minutes was made by Paul Hix, seconded by Steve Larsen. Approved. 

Grant Report Torn Renner has not received any grant requests to be discussed by the Board.

Treasurer's Report Balances as of April 30, 2020: 

Project Account - $25,660.07 ClubAccount- $19,669.36 

A motion to approve the Treasurer's Report was made by Paul Hix, seconded by Richard Swanson. Approved. 

Secretary's Report The Secretary did not have anything to report on at this time. 

President's Report Honorary Membership Discussion A discussion was held regarding the Rotary Club memberships that are owned by the City of South Haven and the South Haven Public Schools. A motion was made by Dan Thompson, seconded by Rosalie Plechaty, to provide "Honorary Active Memberships" to the Mayor of the City of South Haven and the Superintendent of South Haven Public Schools. Approved. Mayor, Scott Smith, and Superintendent, Kevin Schooley will now be classified as "Honorary Active" members and their memberships dues will be $150.00 annually, plus the cost of their meals when they attend.

President Elect Report Event Discussion 

Induction Dinner - The Induction Dinner, June scheduled 30, 2020 for June . 30, 2020, has been postponed, at this time. A future date for this event is to be determined. A motion to postpone this event was made by Tom Renner, seconded by Bob Straits. Approved. 

Pancake Brealifast - July 5, 2020 

The pancake breakfast, scheduled for July 5, 2020 has been canceled. was made by Dan Thompson, seconded by Bill Roberts. Approved. being brainstormed at this time. 

A motion to cancel this event Other fundraising ideas are 

Open Positions The Vice President and Grant Coordinator positions need to be filled. By, July 2021, the Treasurer's position will need to be filled. Dan will be recruiting candidates for these positions. If anyone is interested in filling these positions, please contact Dan. 

Meeting Venue Alternatives Our club is growing!!!! We are outgrowing our current meeting room at the Bronson Hospital Wellness Center and are looking for a new home. Also; the Wellness Center meeting room doesn't provide the space to allow for Social Distancing. Dan has looked into other venues, to see if they are interested in opening their doors every Tuesday morning, at 7:00a.m., to allow us to host our club meeting. Dan is looking at forming a committee to explore a new venue. Please contact Dan if you are interested in being on this committee. Some of the places that Dan has looked into include, Peace Lutheran Church, Lake Michigan College, Taste Restaurant, Congregational Church, American Legion, and the Moose Lodge. 

Dan would like to form this committee, as soon as possible. He is hoping to provide a progressive report on the findings and recommendations of the committee, to the Board at our June meeting. 

Activity Committee/Community Outreach/Fundraising Alternatives Our club is also looking to explore other alternative fundraising events that would provide exposure of our club's existence, while still abiding by Governor, Gretchen Whitmer's, orders. This is a very difficult time, but Rotary still wants to give back to the community, when we are able to. A motion to establish a committee, and seek alternative fundraising events, was made by Dan Thompson, seconded by Bill Roberts. Approved. 

Membership Committee Report The Membership Committee recently met. The coIhmittee's recommendations/concerns include: *Expanding our membership, and to include younger members and females. *New members want to serve the community, but have not been able to participate, as the current members in some of those positions haven't wanted to 'share' or 'train' new members in these positions. *More diversity is needed in our club membership. 

ZOOM Software Selection Attached, please review the software handout that Dan provided and his reasoning on why he decided to go with Zoom. 

Officer Training Officer Training will be held virtually. Dan Thompson and Bill Roberts have completed President's Elect (PE) training. Training for Treasurer and Secretary positions are also available virtually. 

Rotary Youth Leadership Award -(RYLA) Rotary District 6360 RYLA Camp, scheduled for July 10- 12, 2020, has been canceled. 

Educator of the Year Award Five (5) nominations were received for the "Educator of the Year" Award. The recipient of this award was chosen today, and will be revealed at a later time. Dan Thompson made the motion, seconded by Dene Hadden, and the decision was approved by all board members. 

Community Service Award Three (3) nominations were received for the "Community Service Award". The recipient of this award was chosen today, by the Board, and will be revealed at a later time. 

Alternative Speaker Gifts Currently, we provide a Rotary pen to our guest speakers. A motion to allow the President to spend up to $25.00, per speaker, for a recognition gift was made by Steve Larsen, seconded by Bob Straits. Approved. 

Educational Fundraiser Our Educational Fundraiser, scheduled for April 25, 2020, was canceled. The Board feels it is important to support Lake Michigan College - South Haven Campus, School Haven Community Foundation, and the South Haven Rotary Club Scholarship. A motion to send a letter to all members, requesting a donat~on for the benefit of these ofthese entity's, was made by Bill Roberts, seconded by Steve Larsen. Approved. The donation is requested on a voluntarily basis. 

ARotary International 'matching' grant request, in the amount of $2,000.00, has been submitted for the South Haven Rotary Club Scholarship. We are still waiting to hear if we have been approved for this request. 

Old Business/New Business There was not any old, or new, business to discuss at this meeting. 

Adjournment: Amotion to adjourn was made by Richard Swanson, seconded by Steve Larsen. Approved. The meeting adjourned at 9:35 a.m. 

Respectfully submitted by: Rhonda Wendzel Secretary Rotary Club of South Haven

April 7, 2020

I hope everyone is staying healthy and happy! 

Today';' board meeting was held, virtually, through the ZOOM meeting app. The meeting was called to order by President, Mark Odland, at 8:03 a.m. 

Those in attendance included, Mark Odland, Dan Thompson, Dene Hadden, Richard Swanson, Bob Straits, Kaileigh Eddy, Rosalie Plechaty, Rhonda Wendzel, Bill Roberts, Paul Hix, Tom Renner, Deb Davidson, and Steve Larsen. 

Approval of Agenda Amotion to approve the agenda was made by Dan Thompson, seconded by Bob Straits. Approved. 

Approval of Minutes A motion to approve the March 10, 2020 Board meeting minutes was made by Dan Thompson, seconded by Richard Swanson. Approved. 

Treasurer's Report Treasurer, Bob Straits, provided the attached Budget Report. 

Balances as of March 31, 2020: 

Project Account - $ 16,257.86 Club Account - $ 25,660.07 

A motion to approve the Treasurer's report, as presented, was made by Dan Thompson, seconded by Richard Swanson. Approved. 

Grant RequestslReport We currently do not have any grant requests pending at this time. 

A motion to approve the attached Grant Report, as presented, was made by Bob Straits, seconded by Dene Hadden. Approved. 

Amotion to allow Mark Odland and Dan Thompson to pursue a $5,000.00 grant to be applied towards the Splash Pad project, without any expense from our club, was made by Steve Larsen, seconded by Richard Swanson. Approved. 

Staying Connected Haw da we stay cannected with .ourclub membership gaing farward? Same ideas that were suggested included: 

Mark suggested we hald a videa/telephane canference, similar ta taday's meeting, thraugh ZOOM. Ratary District 6360 has .offered their license at na charge. Hawever, we wauld have fifty (50) .other clubs using the site and sameone may already be .onit during the time frame we wauld like ta use it. 

Our Club cauld purchase .our.ownlicense at a 20% discaunt thraugh Ratary Internatianal. A'single' hast aptian, with unlimited meetings, wauld cast $149.00 annually. Ifyau lase yaur hast, yau lase yaur meeting. 

A 'twa' hast aptian, with unlimited meetings, wauld cast $299.00 annually. Ifyau lase .onehast, yau have a secand hast that can jump in and canduct the meeting. 

Dan Thampsan recammended that .ourclub purchase a 'twa' hast aptian plan far a cast .of$299.00 annually. 

Paul Hix mentioned that he uses "Webex" and finds it to be a more secure platform. Kaileigh mentioned that she uses "Webex" as well. She stated that she prefers "Webex", .over ZOOM, but that ZOOM is easier to use. 

A matian was made by Bab Straits, secanded by Steve Larsen, that Dan Thampsan will research diffyrent aptians far videa/telephane canferencing and decide which platfarm .ourclub will use. 

Club Dues Bab Straits annaunced that District and Ratary Internatianal dues, which are due far July, 2020, are cavered with the exceptian .ofthree (3) club members. 

Bab will nat be billing the club membership, far dues, until January, 2021. Hawever, he will be billing the club membership far meals thraugh the date .of.ourlast meeting - March 10, 2020. After that, meals will nat be charged until .ourregular meetings begin again. 

Reach Out Mark has reached .outta Chef, Matt Shafer, Superintendent, Kevin Schaaley, and Paula Marcaux (Blessings in a Backpack) ta see if there is anything .ourclub membership can da, in this time, tohelp. Our Sauth Haven Ratary Club wants ta stay cannected with the cammunity! 

Mark was cancerned that Matt Shafer may be in a bind, since he is nat working far us at this time. Matt is daing fine, and has a full time jab that is keeping him busy. He will cantinue ta be .ourclub caterer when things get back ta .ournarmal (in persan) club meetings. 

Kevin Schaaley stated that the schaal system is in great shape preparing faad far students in need. 

Mark has been unable ta speak with Paula Marcaux, and has nat heard back fram her since leaving a message.

Educational Fundraiser The Educational Fundraiser, scheduled for Saturday, April 25, 2020, has been canceled. Chairman, Deb Davidson, will reach out to her committee (by e mail) to see what their thoughts are for this year's event. There is a possibility that this event will not be held at a later date, this year, and each club member will still donate $100.00, as in past years. Deb and her committee will brainstorm ideas and follow up with the Board. 

Induction Dinner Our club's plan is to still hold this event. However, at this time it is still up in the air more information in the coming months. 

July 4th Parade At the last City of South Haven meeting, the July 4th parade was not canceled. 

Rotary Club Pancake Breakfast Our club's plan is to still hold this event. More information to follow in the coming months. 

Budget 2020-2021 A discussion was held, regarding budget implications, if some of our club fund raising events do not take place this year. 

Bob Straits stated that if we do not host the pancake breakfast(s), we still have reserves in the 'Project' Account to give grants out. Grant requests may be distributed differently next year. (Based on the organizations that need the funds the most) 

On the 'Club' side we can to continue to operate our club without any costs to the membership until January, 2021. (As mentioned earlier, club dues have already been collected for dues that are due July, 2(20) 

Other Topics Rotary Club Scholarship Dene Hadden has received five (5) applications for this scholarship. The scholarship selection committee should have a decision made by May 11,2020. 

Educator of the YearAward Dan'Thompson has received five (5) nominations for this award. He will be meeting with his experienced consultant, Dene Hadden, ifhe can afford Dene's fee for his services!! Dan will follow up with the Board, for recommendation, once him and Dene have reviewed the nominations. 

Rotary YouthLeadership Award - (RYLA) Our club's RYLA Chairman is Rosalie Plechaty. At this time, we are unsure if this event will be taking place this year. However, Rosalie will continue to seek candidates to participate in this event. Rosalie also mentioned that she loves that we are still continuing to receive "SPOKES" on a weekly basis.

SPOKES "Hats Off' to Art Ayers for pinch hitting, for Dene Hadden, while he was away this winter. We greatly appreciate Art stepping into this role of Editarian, during Dene's absence. Thank you for writing SPOKES for us every week. 

We also want to welcome back, Dene Hadden. His return trip was stressful, but we are happy that Linda and him have arrived home safely. Dene Hadden will resume his responsibilities and . SPOKES will continue to be distributed on a weekly basis. 

We truly appreciate both Dene and Art for continuing to keep our club connected during this time! 

Emergency Donations Our Rotary Club District has requested that clubs donate COVID-19 emergency funds to charitable organizations, with worthy causes. Our District has $25,000.00 in grant money (District wide) to help these organizations. 

Dan Thompson has been in contact with Director, Erika Morrison, of We Care INC. Erika stated that they are in need of funds for their "Utility Bill- Disaster Relief Ministry." The funds in this ministry are being used to help the unemployed pay for their utilities. Dan is requesting that our club applies for a $20,000.00 grant from the District and see what happens. The grant does not require our club to provide matching funds. However, if any of our club members would like to help supplement what we may, or may not receive as agrant, it would be greatly appreciated. 

A motion to allow Dan Thompson to apply for a District Grant, in the amount of $20,000.00, was made by Tom Renner, seconded by Richard Swanson. Approved. 

Awards Rotarian of the YearAward Community Service Award 

Dan Thompson has received two (2) nominations for the Rotarian of the Year Award and one (l) nomination for the Community Service Award. Dan is requesting more nominations for both awards please. The nomination forms can be found on our South Haven Rotary Club website: On the left hand side of the Home Page you will find the Award nomination forms under the "Home Page Dowload Files" heading. (Rotarian of the Year Nomination Form, and Nomination Form for Citizen of the Year (PDF). Please submit completed forms to Dan Thompson. I have also attached copies of the forms with today's meeting minutes. 

Go Fund Me Steve Larsen has set up a "Go Fund Me" account to raise money for Africa. If you would like more information on how you can participate, please contact Steve Larsen directly.

Virtual Meetings A final decision has not been made on what technology our club will be using for upcoming virtual ! meetings. Dan is still looking into available options and costs. 

However, at this time, we will hold our first virtual on-line meeting on Tuesday, April 14, 2020, at 7:00 a.m. promptly, via ZOOM. . 

Mark Odland will be sending out an email to our club membership on the steps you will need to take to make this possible. Looking forward to seeing and hearing from everyone! 

Adjournment A motion to adjourn was made by Dan Thompson, seconded by Steve Larsen. Approved. 

The meeting adjourned at 9:18 am.
Respectfully submitted by:
Rhonda Wendzel Secretary Rotary Club of South Haven