August 2, 2022

Meeting started promptly at 7 a.m. with the pledge of allegiance.

Tom Renner gave the invocation today, wishing health for all Rotarians including prayers for the family if
Mike Livovich, who passed away this week.
We welcome Guests Bill Soule, LaRae Odland who also handled the coffee chore this morning, and our speaker
Phil Van Renken.
Don Hodgman spoke for a minute about the Blueberry pancake breakfast, reminding us that the sign up
sheet was going around and that help was also needed on Friday morning at 9:00 for set up.

Dave Campbell has District Raffle tickets.

Melinda Gruber gave us a quick review of our new Youth Services Committee meeting where a committee
charter was written, responsibilities assigned and plans to educate the club about the committee’s
activities developed.

Jerry Gruber invited all members and their guests to our annual picnic at the Gruber cottage on August
23rd . Food and drink will be provided.

President Mary Sue announced that singing is coming back! Bring you best voices next week!
Comedy Relief
Bob Copping had an Aloha story that was pretty funny, but laughter was kept at A low level.

50/50 and Birthday Announcements
Dan Thompson’ guest drew Dan’s number and then Dan proceeded to draw the “2” and won half of the
pot. The $2 prize went to Deb Davidson.

Steve Larsen’s son Lars celebrated a birthday this week while on assignment at West Point.

Melinda Gruber’s daughter took the Bar Exam this week.

Nick Tuit’s granddaughter is celebrating a birthday. Nick and Nancy also marked an anniversary.

Dan Thompson is celebrating the birthdays of most (EIGHT) of his family and other acquaintances this week,
including police chief Natalie Thompson.

Bob and Gail Brickman are celebrating their 63rd Anniversary!

We celebrated all these birthdays with the regular version of the Happy Birthday Song.

Larry Witttkop reminded us the MSU football season starts in just five weeks!

Tom Renner offered thoughts for the loss of Mike Livovich this past week

Mary Sue is hosting her nephew this week as he is waging a tough battle vs Cancer and is winning!
Welcome Rotarian Mike Kempker
Griffin Graham introduced Guest Mike Kempker as a new member, and President Lyons presided over
the induction and presented Mike with his Rotary Paraphernalia.

Dr. Phil VanReKen presented an informative and entertaining program on longevity entitled "How to Live to 100 and Not Regret It".
The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 with the Four Way Test
Pinch-hit Editarian Dene Hadden.