SPOKES VOL.LXX NO.29 February 4, 2020

Our greeters this morning were Jean Stein and Tom Rummel.

President Odland welcomed us all, and we opened with “God Bless America”, followed by our invocation which was offered by Pastor
Jeffrey Dick.

Jim Sullivan, President of the Saugatuck-Douglas Rotary Club, came this morning to acknowledge that our club was now part of the 100% Club. Jim was to present a plaque to President Odland
commemorating this milestone, however; he brought the wrong plaque. No matter...A TREMENDOUS accomplishment for our club!

Bob Linderman, Jeffrey Dick, and Travis Jordan, representing BOY SCOUT TROOP 188
Kim Wise, Kevin Dee, Elise Postma, Kendra Burrows, Ryan Peterson, Alex Rummel, Milan Bittenbender, Alex Marovec, William
Hasted, Zach Emenhiser, representing Ramageddon Team 4855.

Bob Linderman, Jeffrey Dick, and Travis Jordan were joined, up front, by Scott Smith and Stuart Comiskey, also Troop 188 representatives.
The troop continues to welcome an incredible number of Eagle Scouts within their ranks, having added 9 recently!
Our members were encouraged to continue bringing newspapers to the paper truck, which is located at the former Village Market parking lot. The collection of the papers is a significant
fundraiser for the troop.
Participation costs have increased dramatically and, as a result, financial assistance is needed in many cases. The recent donation request sought to help defray the cost for individuals and families in need.
Thanking those representing Troop 188, and in appreciation all that they do within our community, President Odland then presented Jeffrey Dick with our $500 contribution.
NEW MEMBER: Dave Campbell
Sponsor, Bob McAlear, formally introduced Dave to the club, while providing some personal history.
President Odland addressed the expectations of membership and officially welcomed Dave as the 61st member of the South Haven
Rotary Club!
+ Blessings in a Backpack at Lincoln Elementary on Friday, February 7 th . Volunteers need to arrive by 1:15pm.
+ President Odland received a note of appreciation from the OUR TOWN PLAYERS, for our recent donation.
+ A note of thanks was also received from the HOSPITAL HOSPITALITY HOUSE of SOUTHWEST MICHIGAN for our recent donation.
+ A note was also received from Peter TerLouw, who recently was hospitalized for 10 days with pneumonia. We’ll look forward to Peter’s program when he returns to good health!
+ President Odland referenced the District 6360 Newsletter, which included information regarding South Haven’s Martin Luther King, Jr., celebration, and our DISTRICT LEADING membership
+ Dan Thompson reported that he will be returning to South Haven shortly after March 1 st .
+A reminder from President Odland requesting that we be thinking about nominations for the following upcoming awards:
Club Hero
Citizen of the Year
Rotarian of the Year
+ Larry Wittkop announced that he had a few Rib Tickets available for the rib dinner on February 8th , at the Moose Club.
Tickets are $15 and benefit the South Haven Boys Swim Team.
+ Scott Mark announced that “Trivia to Warm Your Heart”, benefitting We Care, INC, will be held on Saturday, February 15th , at 7pm, at The Congregation (formerly The Vineyards).
+ The annual “Warm Your Heart Island Sit” will be held on Saturday, February 29 th , from 7am-7pm.
Tom Renner reminded us that our Rotary club does not officially participate in this event, since we decided, a few years ago, to contribute our Christmas dinner donations to We Care, INC, rather than sitting at our downtown traffic island in
A rocky beginning this morning. The wrong lyric sheets were on the tables, so we began singing the lyrics of “By the Light of the Silvery Moon” to the music of “The Band Played On”. An
“interesting” mix, indeed! The correct sheets were then distributed, and Jim Davis led us through “The Band Played On”, “Hello Ma Baby”, and “Roll Rotary”.
Sergeant-at-Arms, Stuart Comiskey, chose “honest and reliable” guest, Jeffrey Dick, to draw the first winning ticket, which was in the possession of Barry Winkel. Barry proceeded to draw the
10, so our next winner, Jerry Portman, secured the not so elusive $2 prize.
Rhonda Wendzel announced that TODAY is her birthday!! A TRADITIONAL “Happy Birthday” was sung for Rhonda!
Due to the length of today’s program, the basket was passed around the room.
Richard Swanson, Program Chair, provided an introduction for the South Haven High School Robotics Team, which competes in FIRST Robotics Competitions (“For the Inspiration and
Recognition of Science and Technology”). The program was founded as a way to promote the science and technology fields.
A typical season involves an early January kickoff event where every team is given the rules of the year’s challenge. Following that, they have 6 weeks to design, build, test, and revise the robot used to complete the challenge.
This is season #8 for Team RAMAGEDDON, and it continues to reflect steady growth in the areas of membership, mentors, sponsors, fans, and competition.
A middle school team has recently been added, as well (GOATageddon)
1. The Build Team (Elise Postma, Captain) tests different prototypes, brainstorms, and builds the robot.
2. The Programming/Electrical Team (Alex Rummel, Captain) writes the code that makes the robot perform.
3. The CAD/Design Team (Alex Marovec, Captain) uses comprehensive software to design the different aspects of the robot, to better visualize ideas.
4. The Business Team (Mayson Lawson, Captain) leads fundraising, marketing, community outreach, and logistics.
5. The Safety Team (Will Hasted, Captain) creates a safety handbook and a tool equipment manual, complete with safety tips and tricks and an injury log.
6. The Scouting Team (Seth Webster, Captain)
7. The Pit Crew Chief is Ryan Peterson
8. The Team Liaison is Zach Emenhiser, also the 2020 Dean’s List Nominee.
This year’s robot will be revealed at the RAMAGEDDON Reveal, to be held on Wednesday, February 26 th , at 6:30pm, at South Haven
High School. The 2020 competition is designated the “Infinite Recharge Game”, and
competitions are scheduled in St. Joseph (March 6-7) and Gull Lake (March 13-14). Should they advance, the Michigan Competition will be held in Saginaw, and the World Championship
in Detroit.
As one might imagine, the time and effort required by these students is incredible, as they often meet 7 days/week, including after school until 8 or 9pm!!
They have also mentored a team from Bangor Public Schools, which just happened to make it to the state competition in its rookie season!
The team provided answers to questions from members of our club before being thanked by President Odland for the fantastic effort, leadership, scholarship, and positivity that they
display, and which their results reflect!
A tremendous program concluded with many thanks from our club, the presentation of our Rotary pens to all participants, and last but, CERTAINLY, not least, the official presentation and photo op of our $1000 contribution to RAMAGEDDON Team 4855.
President Odland thanked our guests, once again, for attending, and it was reported that Tom Fleming continues to be doing very well following his surgery. Prayers continue...
Next Week’s Greeters: Larry Wittkop and a volunteer to fill in for the absent Pete Swanson
Next Week’s Program: Dr. Lauren Hamel, President of Spectrum-Lakeland Hospital, will provide an update.
Melinda Gruber, Chair
Spotlight Speaker: Megan Cairns, Chair of the National Blueberry Festival.
We concluded the meeting with the Four-Way Test.
Seasonal Editarian: Art Ayers
Many thanks to Tom Renner for providing the Invocation and writing SPOKES last week, AND to fellow Rotarian, Marty Graber, for hosting Kris and I in Kenya. An extraordinary visit on SO
MANY levels!!