Posted by Dene Hadden
SPOKES VOL. LXIII NO. 49                                                                                June 20, 2017
65% of our members read Spokes last week.
We were greeted by Ted Weber and Bob Stickland this morning.
President Elect Tom Renner chaired our meeting this morning as President Ayers is stuck at the Atlanta airport. We opened the meeting with the “My Country ‘tis of Thee” and Tom Renner’s invocation.
Our guests this morning included Assistant District Governor Terry Allen – just back from the International Rotary Convention – Dr. Trevor Kubatzke, President of Lake Michigan College and our speaker, Bill Hunter from the City of South Haven.
Bob Boerma had the pleasure of leading us in song this morning, with an assist from Larry Wittkop and Dottie.  We began with one of the older selections in our library, the 1899 song “You Tell Me Your Dreams, I’ll Tell You Mine”. This has been recorded hundreds of times, notable recordings including the Mills Brothers in 1931, the Eureka Brass Band in 1951, Connie Francis in 1961.  Next up was the much more lively “Bill Bailey” written by Hughie Cannon in 1902 when he was working as a bar pianist at Conrad Deidrich’s Saloon in Jackson, Michigan. Willard "Bill" Bailey was a regular customer and friend, and one night told Cannon about his marriage to Sarah. Cannon "was inspired to rattle off a ditty about Bailey’s irregular hours. Bailey thought the song was a scream, and he brought home a dashed-off copy of the song to show Sarah. Sarah couldn’t see the humor.... [but] accepted without comment the picture it drew of her as a wife."  A not unfamiliar story.  We finished with “Rotary, My Rotary.
Terry Allen spoke briefly about the International Rotary Convention in Atlanta and mentioned several interesting seminars that he would like to share.  Dr. Kubatzke thanked us for his welcome and for our support of LMC.
  • Don’t forget the Club Runner App for your phones, it’s a great resource!
  • Our Induction dinner will be June 27th.  Hawkshead with social hour beginning at 6:00.  The golf outing will begin early that afternoon. 
  • NO Morning meeting for the next two weeks.
  • Nick Tuit, our new assistant pancake breakfast director, announced that the sign-up sheet for the first breakfast is being passed around.
  • Grill cleanup will occur on June 26th at 6:30 pm at Peace Lutheran Church storage building.
  • We are in charge of staging the 4th of July parade this summer so volunteers are needed on the evening of the 3rd and the morning of the 4th to make sure this event runs smoothly. A sign up list was passed around.
  • Don’t forget the Cottage Walk on June 24th.
  • Liberty Hyde Bailey Museum has a new program, “Backwoods Sanctuary”.  Check it out at their website.
Ted Weber looked to get back to the winning track for a few minutes this morning, holding the lucky ticket.  Unfortunately for Ted, but fortunately for the next winner, he missed drawing either of the winning cards. Tom Fleming goes home the big winner with our $2 prize.
  • Richard Swanson offered us some medical advice this morning, helping us get all toned up with potato bags and even potatoes.
  • Bob Boerma tried to get a silent birthday this week but we would have none of that and serenaded him with one of our better (?) Ludington style versions of “Happy Birthday”.
  • Dene Hadden reminded all that, in this era of big brother, he can see who reads Spokes and who doesn’t.
  • Jean Stein celebrated lunch yesterday with eight members of her daughter’s family.
  • Many Happy Bucks for the weather and Spring Solstice.
Our Program presented by Bill Roberts and Bill introduced Bill Hunter from the DPU of the City of South Haven.
Bill has spent many years dealing with cross connections and possible contamination of drinking water.He reviewed a 1974 law that indicated that all buildings, commercial, business and residential must be inspected to make sure proper devices are installed to prevent any cross contamination from potable to non-potable water.
The key is to prevent back flow from one “pool” of water to the potable system.Sometimes this can be handled with backflow prevention valves or other simple devices.
Homes with irrigation systems will definitely need back flow devices installed as will homes with Hot water heat.Quite possibly homes with dishwashers and water softeners will also. Isntalling the devices could run a couple of hundred dollars.
The simplest devices are simply attached to outdoor outlets.
The new procedures will require an additional 4700 inspections spread out over 15 years.South Haven will hire Hydrocorp to do the inspections.
President Elect Renner thanked Bill for his interesting program and presented him with one of our speaker’s pens.
Next week’s program: No Meeting – Change of Officers Dinner  Also no Meeting on July 4th.
Next week’s (July 11th)Greeters: TBA.
Editarian:  Dene Hadden