May 10, 2022
Started our meeting today with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Tom Renner gave the invocation today, praying for healing in our fractured world and the ability for us as Rotarians to be able to serve.
 Guests Today!
G.B. Richmond
Amy Nichols
Mark Griffin
Andrew Fleming
Barry Winkle let us know that the parking lot is being asphalted at 8 a.m.
We also have 7 Zoomers joining us today!  Shout out to Mike Livovich!
We’ve received a new member application from Amy Nichols.
 We’ve received a new member application from John (G.B.) Richmond. GB works at Mid-West Family South West MI Cosy – FM.
 Potential Paul Harris Awards. G S H
The South Haven History Club will present a Night at The Museum on Saturday May 14, from 2 till 5pm at the Liberty Hyde Bailey Museum, 903 Bailey Avenue, South Haven, MI.
Car Show sponsored by the Rotary Club will be May 18th in the parking lot of the Senior Center. The hours are approximately 4 till 7pm. Tom Ruesink or Dana Hullinger? How many people will you need? Sign up passed around. The cars will not be judged. There will be door prizes handed out at the end of the car show. A food truck from Bangor will be on hand with food. Rotarians wear your shirts and hats.
The Last Blessings in a backpack isThursday May 12th
We’ll be scheduling a pancake breakfast organizing meeting later this month. Jerry Gruber has already sent in our Van-Buren County special event permit applications for both the July 3rd and the August 14th events.
The Rotary transition dinner will be Thursday June 30 at Hawks Head restaurant and golf course. The golf course might be used before the dinner. See Dan Thompson to help set up the golf event.
We have been asked to participate in the July 4th parade Rotary’s part would involve manning the streets around the parade route, while Kiwanis would be helping at the staging area. Becky Burkerk will set up a meeting in May.
We’re planning on Pancake breakfasts for Sunday July 3rd and Sunday August 14th 2022. There will be special volunteer opportunities to inventory and clean our pancake breakfast equipment before the July event.
Dan Thompson- All former Rotarians of the year will be getting together to select the New Rotarian of the Year.
Mary Sue Lyon – Please fill out your Membership Satisfaction Survey that was e-mailed to the membership, it is due by May 19th.
Comedy Relief by Bob Copping
Buttering up the instructor!!
Bob let us know that the Drawbridge is closed until 3 p.m. today, for repairs.
50/50 Raffle
Dene Hadden was todays lucky number winner!! He did not pick the 2 or the 4.
Angelica won the $2.00 consolation prize!
Jerry is Celebrating a Wedding Anniversary
Dene -Daughter Lori and Husband Steve 25h Anniversary
Jon-Wifes Birthday on Mothers Day!
Kaliegh- Daughter turns 20!
We sang Luddington Style this week!
Happy Bucks
Mary Lyons Nephew and family are visiting
Dene -Son is getting his doctorate from CMU
Melinda Gruber – Her baby Graduated from Law School
Dave Campbell – Will be attending his son’s wedding in Houston this weekend.
Jerry – Oldest Daughter, had a stroke and is recovering in GR.
Melinda- Her baby also got engaged and Griffin took her golfing .
Mark Odland- Happy that Dave Campbell has joined the District Finance Overview Committee.
Dan Thompson is Happy to see Mike Livovich on zoom, and also happy to see G.B. Richmond here today!
Tom Fleming announced today’s presentation:
Mark A. Griffin President of the Michigan Petroleum Association.
Please see the attached presentation
Bill Roberts thanked Mark for his presentation.  The meeting was adjourned with the Four Way test Promptly at 8 a.m. with a board meeting to follow. Please join us next week at Peace Lutheran Church, at 7 a.m. The program will be chaired by Jerry Portman. Tom Renner will present, So you want to be an author? See you on Tuesday May 17th.