May 28, 2024
We were greeted by Dan Thompson and Clark Gruber as we entered the meeting.
At 7am sharp, we were welcomed by President Melinda Gruber. We opened with the “My Country Tis of Thee”, followed by Art Ayers’ invocation.

Guest Speaker-Dr.Paul Detrisac, an internal medicine specialist in Niles, Michigan. He is affiliated with Spectrum Health Lakeland and is very involved with End Gun Violence-Michigan.

Bob Brickman Amy Nichols Anna Rydecki Steve Larsen
Larry Wittkop led us in song with “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay”, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”, and “R-O-T-A-R-Y”.
+ Many thanks to Angelica, for “standing in” for President Gruber for our last 2 meetings, as well as last week’s Board Meeting.
+ Many thanks to those who served as Marshals at the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship, held at Harbor Shores Golf Club in Benton Harbor. Our representatives were rated “responsible and good-natured”-REALLY?
+ Blessings in a Backpack Coordinators are scheduled for a meeting on May 30th.
+ Monday, June 3rd, will be the SHOUT Bridge Planting. You’ll need to time of the activity.
+ Our Annual Induction Dinner/Golf Outing will be held on Thursday, June 27th, at Hawkshead.
+ Amy Nichols will be coordinating the volunteers who will be monitoring the side streets during the 4th of July Parade.
Details forthcoming.
+ Tom Renner and Art Ayers are alternating weeks in the writing of SPOKES but would appreciate more help to further share the task. If interested, see Tom or Art.
+ Many thanks to our Scholarship Team which spent a good deal of time examining applications. They ultimately identified 6 recipients, who will be revealed to the public on May 30th. We will meet them at our next club meeting on Tuesday, June 4th, which will be an off-site meeting, to be held at Caring Connections (within the First Baptist Church on 76th St.).
+ Tom Ruesink presented a report on last week’s Charity Car Gathering:
More than $700 was contributed, which is to be split between the SH Senior Services Center and the SH High School Robotics Club.
There were 34 cars involved and 80 hot dogs were eaten. Thank you to our generous donors:
Fleming Brothers Oil Company GingerMan Raceway
Lane Automotive
The Lodge Restaurant McFadden Friendly Motors NAPA
Walt Sicard Motors
Woodhams Ford
Many thanks, also, to Todd and Robert Heinrich, for all of their assistance with the hot dog stand.
+ Make your plans to attend the District 6360 Governor
Transition to be held at the Michigan Maritime Museum from 2- 5pm. Join Past Rotary International VP Bob Brickman, as we celebrate current DG Sharalyn Davis and transition to future leadership: Mark Odland (24-25), Jackie Huie (25-26), and Tim Lee (26-27).

It was 2am, and a man was driving his car when he was stopped by the police, who asked, “Where are you going at this time of the morning”? The man responded that he was going to a lecture on “The Evils of Drinking”, and his wife was giving it!
50/50 RAFFLE- Tom Ruesink
President Gruber was chosen to draw the first winning ticket; Ross Woodhams won but drew the Jack, so no pot would be won today.
Melinda drew again, and Jean Stein was awarded the $2 prize.
+ Angelica’s “baby” is celebrating 27 years today.
+ Clark Gruber mentioned his brother’s birthday on June 2nd, and daughter’s birthday on the 3rd.
+ Jerry Gruber’s grandson, Jack, celebrated his birthday yesterday.
+ Jerry also reported that Ann’s great-granddaughter, Emilyn, in Everett, Washington, would be celebrating her 11th birthday.
+ Scott Mark will celebrate his birthday on Monday.
+ Jerry Portman’s daughter, Brenda, will be 52 on Friday.
+ Tom Ruesink’s son will celebrate his birthday on the 29th.
+ Tom Noverr’s daughter is celebrating her 40th birthday today.
A LUDINGTON STYLE “Happy Birthday” followed...

+ Larry Wittkop saluted the WMU Varsity Baseball Team for winning the MAC Tournament and qualifying for the NCAA Tournament.
+ Tom Renner thanked all who attended the SHAES Pancake Breakfast on Sunday. They served 454 meals and made approximately $4000.
Tom also saluted Dan Thompson and Jerry Gruber for marching in the Memorial Day Parade on Monday.
+ Tom Ruesink reported that the biopsy taken from his lip at his dermatology visit came back negative!
Tom’s “Rotary Magazine” quiz was answered correctly by Tom Renner.
+ Paul Hix and Jerry Portman expressed their thanks to the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in defending our freedom.
+ Jerry Gruber’s brother, Earl, who recently died at age 93, was interred with military honors in Tacoma, Washington.
+ Deb Davidson is marking the 4th year of her retirement today.
+ Dene Hadden’s granddaughter, Chloe, will graduate from Coopersville High School tomorrow.
+ Rhonda Wendzel’s granddaughter, Gena, is leaving tomorrow, with her 8th grade class from Grand Ledge, for Washington, D.C.
+ MANY Happy Bucks, which are ALWAYS nice!!
“Michigan Gun Safety” with Dr. Paul Detrisac PROGRAM CHAIR: Angelica Gallegos-Dickerson
HIGHLIGHTS of Dr. Detrisac’s Presentation:
+ Approximately 1200 people are killed by guns each year in Michigan.
+ Firearms are the leading cause of death among children and teens in the United States.
Michigan now has 4 new gun safety laws to protect our families and communities:
Requires guns in homes with children to be secured with a lock or in a safe.
Safe Storage can result in up to 50% reduction in youth firearm deaths.
Most effective against unintentional shootings, suicides, and mass shootings.
The law applies even if children are VISITING a home.
The law applies if a gun owner is VISITING a home with children.
Gun must be locked up or in the owner’s control.
Closes the private party (or “gun show”) loophole.
Background checks prevent people who are not legally allowed to buy a gun from purchasing one.
Every year, background checks stop more than 300,000 illegal gun sales.
Any licensed gun dealer or police department can run the background check.
1 suicide is prevented for every 10-20 reports.
ERPOs have been used in Michigan to stop abusers and in other states to prevent suicides, domestic violence, interpersonal violence, and mass violence.
Anyone convicted of a domestic violence felony OR misdemeanor cannot possess or own firearms for 8 years after the completion of their sentence.
70 Michigan women and children are killed each year by an abuser with a gun.
Domestic abuse is 5 times more likely to turn deadly if the abuser has access to a firearm.
Register and vote.
Become a community educator.
Help us work with your schools and police departments.
Learn much more at migunsafety.org.
Dr.Detrisac received a number of questions from those in attendance and, on behalf of our club, President Gruber thanked him for a very informative presentation.
As a token of our appreciation, Dr. Detrisac was presented with a Fleming Brothers Oil Card.

OUR NEXT MEETING: June 4, 2024
PROGRAM: Off-site meeting at Caring Connections (within the First Baptist Church on 76th St.).
We adjourned with the 4-Way Test. Respectfully submitted,
Art Ayers
Co-editarian with Tom Renner.