June 7, 2022

Meeting started promptly at 7 a.m. with the pledge of allegiance.

Tom Renner gave the invocation today, wishing health for all Rotarians including our own Mike Livovich.


We welcome our Speaker Jeff Weber and potential member Mike Kempker. Welcome!



 Committee signup sheets are available in the back of the room for our various committees.  Please help our club grow and prosper!  Sign up!

Please sign up for the July 3rd Pancake Breakfast and the July 4th parade. Sign-up sheets on the back table.

Don Hodgman reminded members to pick up their 10 pancake breakfast tickets.  Equipment clean-up for the breakfast will take place in the next 7 – 10 days.  Let Tom Ruesink know if you can help.

The Rotary transition dinner will be Thursday June 30 at Hawks Head restaurant and golf course. You must sign up by June 21st.

Jerry Gruber is looking for some help with our breakfast signs.

Dene Hadden gave a brief introduction to our four scholarship winners and thanked Ross Woodhams and Griffin Graham for serving on the selection committee.

Comedy Relief:

Bob Copping had a story of a man of few words who was constant complainer.

50/50 and Birthday announcements:

Kaleigh Eddy had the lucky ticket but then her luck ran out as she drew the “8”.

Kaleigh did get to announce that her daughter Alexis turned 18 and graduated from south Haven High School this we.

Art Ayers and his oldest son both celebrated birthdays this week

Rhonda Wendzel’s daughter Ashley has a birthday this week – the number remained undisclosed.

Rhonda also recognized a Happy Father’s Day this coming Sunday.

Pete Swanson is celebrating his grandson’s 14th birthday this week.

Don Hodgman reported much storm damage in Hartford last night.

Dene Hadden will have raffle tickets for a chance to win a mule (motorized version) next week $20

Rosalie Plechaty spent time this week with her grandkids and is impressed with what a wonderful town we live in.

Griffin Graham introduced Guest Mike Kempker as a prospective new member.

Tom Renner suggested we take a trip to see the poppies in Fennville as thy are in full bloom.

Tom Noverr will again be taking part in the Make a Wish Ride in July, a 300-mile trek.  He is training now!


Tom Rummel introduced our speaker, Jeff Weber, director of the National Blueberry Festival.

We each received a big Blueberry to remind us of the festival which runs from August 11 – 13.

This is the 59th festival and has a new logo and Dan Thompson was presented with a new festival hat!

Jeff talked about several events that are planned to include a beer tent with entertainment, street entertainment, concerts, the annual 5K run, and, of course, the Blueberry Pie Eating contest.  One of our own, Emily Gruber, is a past champion of the pie eating contest!

Jeff expects 30-40,000 people in town for the festival.  He will work with us to promote our pancake breakfast and we will provide festival information to our breakfast patrons.

Jeff can be reached at P.O. Box 482 in South Haven or via cell phone/text at 989-751-1674


The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 with the Four Way Te