SPOKES VOL. LXVIII NO. 16                                                                            November 9,
President Bill Roberts called the meeting to order promptly at 7:00 a.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.
The invocation today was by Pastor Jeffry Dick, he  prayed today in the spirit of thankfulness,  thankful for the beautiful fall colors, and for all of the Veterans on this Veterans day week, he also asked that  Art Ayers be touched with a healing hand.
Wednesday at 2p.m. meet to decorate the bridge for the holidays.
Griffin talked about the Bell Ringing on December 4th and passed out a sign up sheet.  We will be at both entrances of Walmart from 10-4 and hopefully at the Golden Brown Bakery.
Rhonda passed out the Christmas Party invites. Invitations will be mailed to those not in attendance.
District Governor Nomination Resolution for District 6360
            Be it resolved, that at regular meeting of the Rotary Club of South Haven, held on November 9, 2021, the members of this club voted to nominate Mark Odland for consideration for the office of District Governor of District 6360 for the 2024-2025 Rotary Year. The above-named Rotarian meets the requirements for consideration for this office as follows:
  1. Mark is a member in good standing of this club in District 6360.
  2. He serves as Club President of the South Haven for two consecutive terms from 2018-2020, and currently serves as Assistant District Governor of Area Two of District 6360.
  3. He has been a Rotarian since 2013, meeting the seven-year requirement.
  4. He has consistently demonstrated a willingness, commitment, and ability to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of District Governor, as outlined by Rotary International.
  5. He demonstrates knowledge of the qualifications, duties, and responsibilities of District Governor, as prescribed by Rotary International.
  6. He agrees to attend all trainings required prior to taking office.
This resolution was signed by Rhonda Wendzel, Club Secretary and Submitted on November 9, 2021.
50/50 and Birthday’s
Bob Copping drew the Winning Ticket this week.
Pete Swanson had the lucky ticket and won the pot!
Dana won the $2.00 consolation prize.
Jean Stein’s son celebrated a birthday!
Happy Bucks
Deb was proud of the Boiler Makers!
In the interest of the time,  this weeks’ Happy Bucks were donated throughout the room.
Bill Roberts introduced today’s guest  Margie Haas
  • Former District Governor
  • Helping Rotary Clubs with Visioning
  • Hastings Rotary Club member
Marjorie handed out the Results of the Rotary Visioning Session from September 21, 2021
She also gave the membership a power point of her presentation today.
Marjorie told us the South Haven needs Rotary and the World needs Rotary.
We then went through the Results of the Visioning session.
Results of the Visioning Session
  1. Fund Raisers- Pancake Breakfast was voted most important.
  2. Youth Services- Scholarships/LMC Scholarship was voted #2.
  3. Public Image- Community Leader was third.
  4. We had a two way tie for fourth position; Community Service- Hands on Project and Membership .
  5. Public Image- Relevant to the Community, was the fifth most voted.
Today’s Agenda for our Meeting:
  • RI Vision, Strategic Planning Process
  • Visioning Session Summary – Sept 2021
  • Review the Top Three Goals
  • Priority Voting
  • Action Planning-Priority #1
Recap and Adjourn
Rotary International Vision Statement
TOGETHER we see a world
Where PEOPLE unite and take action
            To CREATE lasting
CHANGE across the globe
In our communities and in ourselves.
 4 Pillars
Rotary’s Strategic Priorities and Objectives
  1. Increase our Impact
  2. Expand our Reach- Rotary currently has 1.4 Million Members in over 200 Countries.
  3. Enhance Participant Engagement- All work together
  4. Increase our ability to adapt- Online, hybrid
Visioning Session – September 2021
  • What South Haven Rotary club stands for and successes
  • Voting Results- Top 3
  • Public Image
  • Community Service
  • Youth Services
How did we get to these three areas?
  • 25-30 people went through 11 areas
  • Each person was given 4 green dots
  • Each person picked 4 or 5 most important areas
  • 5 Most important areas were chosen
  • Then 3 red dots were given out
  • Voting on 3 most important from the previous 5
  • Community Service Pancake Breakfast was #1
Membership broke into groups to talk about which was the most important and try and come up with a Goal and Action Steps.
Much discussion took place and each group reported out on their thoughts.
The membership voted and Community Service was the Top Priority. The thought was that through Community Service, public image and youth services will all be impacted.
  • Set a goal:  By 2025 we plan to: _________________________
  • How will we know we have accomplished our goal?
  1. What action step?
  2. Who will be responsible?
  3. By when?
  • Continue the process for Goals 1-4
  • Monitor Progress (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)
  • Assess Implementation -Gather Data
  • Celebrate Successes
Visioning About:
  • Growing
  • Developing
  • Becoming better
We were very fortunate to have the guidance and inspiration today from Margie Haas as we plan for our future!
President Bill thanked Margie for being here today and presented her with a $25.00 gif card courtesy of Fleming Brother Oil and Value Mart Convenience Store. Thanks again Margie!     
Bill  adjourned the meeting at 8:10  a.m. with the Four Way Test
  • NEXT WEEK : Jeremy Burleson:  Lake Michigan College South Haven Campus Overview